Writing on the Wall

A good piece, worth considering (I don’t agree exactly with the EU focus on ’67 borders, but I do agree with the author’s emphasis on a more activist Israeli stance)



The guidelines drawn up by the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, requiring that any agreement or contract signed by an EU body or institution with Israel include a clause stating that the settlements are not part of the State of Israel and therefore are not part of the agreement, are an important turning point in the relations between Israel and Europe, and indeed  – Israel and the world.

The guidelines, circulated to the E.U.’s 28 member states, and expected to be officially released on Friday and go into effect on January 1, are of little real importance to Israel’s political and economic stability. Yet looking from a broader perspective, they are a diplomatic earthquake, and the damage to Israel cannot be exaggerated. The directives reflect a shift in European policy to openly pressure Israeli decision makers into outlining and applying a coherent policy with regard to the peace process with the…

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