Is Al Qaeda Pulling an Al-Zarqawi in Syria?

Here is a longer article.

Al-Zarqawi is of course known as the former head of Al Qaeda in Iraq who operated in such a brutal manner as to turn even his own Sunni base firmly against his organisation. This was one of the significant elements that went into the success of the so-called Anbar Awakening, in which Sunni militias brought Al Qaeda of Iraq close to the brink of extinction.

Today something similar may seem to be happening in Syria. In Syria’s northern Idlib provice this week, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”, reacted to an altercation by beheading one of the members of the FSA’s supreme council, Abu Bassir al-Ladkani. This has subsequently lead to furious exchanges between the FSA and the “Islamic State”, each vowing to wipe out the other party. This, of course, is a single incident, but it underscores one of Al Qaeda’s general weaknesses: that its policies and ideology seem far too brutal to ever gain proper mass support in the Middle East. As such, every horrific attack Al Qaeda perpetrates is just one more step to the point where it finds the population united against it.


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