Revolting Against the Revolution

A great piece on Egypt’s surging protests by Shadi Hamid is here.

As Hamid points out, it just isn’t clear how the protesters conceive of their demand that Morsi step down. Morsi was elected by a majority of voters. As such, no matter his failures and unpopularity, he has a right to his office until the next elections. Of course Egypt is in an important transitional phase, and as Hamid argues, it would fit Morsi to meet protesters’ demands in the preservation of important minority rights. But Egypt’s protesters should not place themselves in the tendency of violent, radical minority protests spreading around the world. The opposition did not win the Egyptian presidential elections: as such, they ought to broaden their electoral base and, for example, focus on a win in the coming parliamentary elections. It would most likely be a bad idea to smother Egypt’s majoritarian system in its cradle.


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