Why is Obama Ignoring Iraq?

Excellent piece here. As discussed before, the coalition of isolationists and liberals in the Obama cabinet seem to be doing little to confront the enormous risks spreading throughout various ME countries, not least Iraq.


One thought on “Why is Obama Ignoring Iraq?

  1. From what I can tell, this piece defines “not ignoring Iraq” as intensifying the proxy war against Iran being fought in the country:

    “If Assad falls, and U.S. and Gulf Arab tensions with Iran continue to rise, Iran seems likely to do everything it can to replace its ties to Syria with influence in Iraq. […] A revitalized U.S. office of military cooperation and timely U.S. arms transfer might give the United States more leverage, and U.S. efforts to persuade Arab Gulf states that it is far better to try to work with Iraq than isolate it might have a major impact.”

    One would hope that the reason Obama is “ignoring Iraq” in this sense is that he aims to reach an agreement with the Iranian government whereby the US will provide a firm guarantee that military action will not be taken against them and the Iranians, in return, will provide a firm guarantee that they will not develop nuclear weapons.

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