Always vote, I’ll do the rest



If we do want to compare the Turkish protests to some historic event the above poster from ’68, which reads “Always vote/I’ll do the rest” depicting De Gaulle, points in a direction that might prove more insightful than a poster from ’11 depicting Mubarak.


2 thoughts on “Always vote, I’ll do the rest

  1. Egypt, Turkey and 1960s France all seem have an important central theme in common: that of whether a popular, dominant, democratically elected government (be it the Brotherhood, the AKP or the Gaulists) can or should be given free reign to remake the institutions of the country as it sees fit. On the one hand it seems obvious that the interests of the majority sometimes have to be limited so as to protect minorities. On the other hand, the institutions are far from perfect and it ought to be possible for them to be changed by democratic means.

  2. Of course there is this central theme. However, what sets the current situation in Egypt apart from Turkey and France 68 is that in the case of the latter the revolt pits a young urban class and its allies over against the bourgeoisie in asking for more liberty within a conservative society. In Egypt the concerns are much more mundane and accordingly the battle lines are drawn differently. This poster does not grasp Morsi’s basic mistake – getting too tangled up in his own hobby horses to deal effectively with the country’s economic woes. It much more aptly captures the idea that appears prevalent amongst the Turkish protesters: that the government (carrying a big stick) wants you to be a good citizen who abides totally by what the majority rules.

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