Dangerous Involvement

As the civil was in Syria rages on, the West is starting to make more concrete decisions regarding its support for the rebels. Europe recently announced it is officially lifting the arms embargo, which essentially means it will start arming the rebels. Simultaneously the United States is mapping out a no-fly zone over Syria, while Russia is heavily arming Assad with S-300 missiles.

Would this no-fly zone be implemented, it would mean that any Syrian, or even Russian jet entering Syrian airspace could be shot down.

Aside from the obvious alliances and blocks that are currently being formed, one would think that the US would’ve learned from its past mistakes. In the 1980s it armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, who were fighting the Russians. The Taliban emerged out of these extremist rebel groups.

And where does all this leave Israel? One begs the question whether Israel will be doing America’s dirty work, or if America will actively participate in this conflict. Either way, it will not go unnoticed in Israel.


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