Strife amongst the islamist faction(s)

Reports have been coming out of Syria about divisions, not only within the opposition as a whole, but also within its islamist section. As they say, this may be “one of ‘m good problems”.


2 thoughts on “Strife amongst the islamist faction(s)

  1. Al-Nusra and the other Islamic groups in Syria are certainly some of the greatest concerns. They had previously been drawing fighters away from the more moderate Free Syrian Army, according to reports. Hopefully, as divisions grow and visions of “idealism” fade, the Islamic groups will too. That being said, the West needs to arm the FSA and other “good” rebels now to help prevent the Islamic groups from hijacking the revolution completely. Can’t fight without bullets.

    Assad gets weapons from Russia and Iran, the Islamic groups have black market networks arming them, and the FSA has some help – but not enough. The only side the West likes is the one at the greatest disadvantage. And they can change that tomorrow.

  2. Good point. It certainly also seems to be the opinion of the American Congress that now the rebels will have to receive more arms. Question is whether the current tide of battle, which favors Assad, can be turned. Also, Obama has of course remained cautious so far, so it’s to be seen if he’ll change his tune.

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