The Wild West (Bank)

Great article here, chronicling one man’s chronicling of seizures of agricultural lands in the West Bank.

“Agricultural land in the West Bank is the subject of a study Etkes is set to release next month, the inaugural project of a new organization that currently consists of Etkes himself, and which he calls Kerem Navot, or Navot’s Vineyard.

That name, a barbed biblical citation, might go over the head of the average Israeli — but not over that of members of the religious settler movement, at whom it is aimed.

A man named Navot, the Book of Kings tells us, had the misfortune of owning a vineyard next to the palace of King Ahab. The king coveted the vineyard, but Navot refused to cede it, so the queen, Jezebel, had him killed. The king took possession of the vineyard.

After that, the prophet Elijah showed up to confront Ahab with a famous accusatory line whose rhyme and cadence do not survive the translation from Hebrew: “So says the Lord: Have you murdered and inherited too?”


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