Volunteers Needed to Work with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

The number of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey is growing rapidly.  In Lebanon alone, there are now an estimated 1 million Syrian refugees, 400,000 of which are school aged children.  In addition to the basic humanitarian support this population needs, there is also an urgent need to educate these children.

In Lebanon, where Jusoor plans to focus our pilot efforts, there is an emerging education crisis facing these Syrian refugees. The sheer number of Syrian school-aged refugees in Lebanon stands to overwhelm the education system, which is estimated to serve 300,000-350,000 Lebanese school children.  What is more, Syrian children face significant difficulties entering the Lebanese education system given the differences in curriculum, most notably the fact that the Lebanese curriculum requires a strong foundation in English or French, which the Syrian students do not have.  The result of this situation is that the vast majority of Syrian children do not have access to educational opportunities, and there is an emerging risk of illiteracy among the children, some of whom have been out of school now for 2 years.

Forwarded from a friend living in Lebanon who works with refugees.

Jusoor’s full mission statement is here.

The volunteer form is here.


One thought on “Volunteers Needed to Work with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

  1. Anyone know of (US) foundations with volunteer opportunities to help the Syrian refugees that don’t require personal funding for travel expenses??? [Medical help (applicable to nursing students), English education, etc…] I heard a news report then read your article, I’d love to help if possible. Any ideas let me know, thanks!

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